Re: [Usability] two options hat would be helpful

Hello Jocelyn

On Nov 27, 2006, at 9:33 AM, Jocelyn Aznar wrote:
I just want to speak about two features that would be very useful, I think. The first one is to be able to put an application in the foreground of the screen. This application would be always viewable even when you start another programm or change of virtual desktop. May be a fourth option in the top right of a application window would be a good place to put the button.

You can do this by choosing both the "On Top" and "Always on Visible Workspace" items in the context menu for a window's title bar. Normally every item in a context menu should also be available by some other method (such as the fourth button you suggest), but in this case they're so esoteric I think it's fine making them context-menu-only.

The second idea is about the spatial mod (spatial navigation ?) for nautilus. The way windows (of nautilus) open isn't really serviceable, may be it can improved it by forbidden windows to cover up each other.

Possibly you are referring to the fact that previously-unopened folder windows open exactly on top of each other by default? That is a bug I reported last year. <>

Matthew Paul Thomas

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