Re: [Usability] Can't Handle it anymore! (Consistent toolbars?)

> (Look at Muine (which is not my application), for an example;
> )

I assume that Muine is not still using a row of buttons rather than a
toolbar as shown in the screenshot?  (I doubt you would use a toolbar
widget any then add buttons to it)

> I admit that I implemented the same even though expecting the HIG to
> recommend against it, however, I just checked back and haven't found
> that explicitly stated there.

I'll have to ask for an update to the HIG and probably also bring it up on
desktop-devel or gnome-list (if you have an opinion on what the most
appropriate list would feel free to tell me.

> Of course, the handle is still there, but it doesn't look that way. You
> can still tell from the spacing though, this is also only possible with
> some of the theme engines.

I does reinforce the suggestion that there is a problem if people are
going so far as to try and hide the the handle box using themes.


Alan Horkan

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