Re: [Usability] How is this done? (use same Entries both for edit and add data to a TreeView)

Kalle Vahlman wrote:
On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 21:16:03 +0200, Leif <leif zuu gmail com> wrote:

** The functionality requirements **
Users should be able to
       * Add new glossary entry. (a single row in the list to the left)
       * Edit existing entries.
       * Remove existing glossary entries.
       * View a glossary item with all its synonyms. (Synonyms are not shown
in the list by default, to save screen space.)



** Other solutions? **
Does there exist an way to do this that is done in many other applications?

Well, in Irksu I have simply the add and remove buttons and use editable items:

but the use case is little simpler than yours. Also, this is highly
undiscoverable. You'll note that I have put a small description to
explain the edit function. I'm not sure if it is a good solution, but
I would rather have a static text than another "change picture"

Perhaps you could have the list behave like that on irksu, and have
the right side of the screen to show related information (synonyms)
when the user selects an item. This would remove the duplication of
information on the screen (the words), and so save some screen space.
It could make it a little confusing, too.
That might make sense, if it is doable without increase the amount of
clicks / key presses to input new data. As that will be the primary task.

Ive made a fast layout of what I think you meant in glade:

The synonyms could even be in a GtkCellRendererCombo, but that could
be even more confusing (how do you add new items?) and undiscoverable.

Do you mean an editable cell in a list? I don't know, but I fear that
that will increase the amount of key presses to add a glossary entry.

Thanks for your help,
Leif Linse

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