Re: [Usability] main window position

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 11:27 +0200, tamer sezgin wrote:
> I believe the platform (either GTK or GNOME) should remember the last
> position of the main window and (unless the application specifies a
> specific positon) restores the last positon and size of the window...

In F-Spot ( we now remember the size, position, and
maximized state of the window when the user exits, and pass those to the
WM on the next invocation.  We searched around and asked Havoc
Pennington to clarify some previous comments
( before doing this. His response was:

"Apps saving/restoring window positions across invocations of the app I
think is right (given current limitations of the specs anyway). You
should also be careful to save window states, in particular the
maximized flag. I would not set a window position if the user has never
opened that particular window though."


Gabriel Burt

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