Re: [Usability] main window position

On 28 Dec, 2005, at 10:27 PM, tamer sezgin wrote:
Each time I open an application, the main application window is positioned at the left top corner of the desktop. Some applications remember the window size but almost none of the can remember the position.

You should report this as a bug for each program. It's a basic part of a spatial interface that all windows (other than alerts or dialogs) should remember where you left them.

I believe the platform (either GTK or GNOME) should remember the last position of the main window and (unless the application specifies a specific positon) restores the last positon and size of the window...

The window manager could do most of this, except that it can't know which document is associated with which window. For example, if you close a document called "Annual Expenses", then rename it to "Expenses 2005", then later reopen it, it should have the same window position as it did last time -- but the window manager won't know it's the same document. Conversely, if you have two documents called "Annual Expenses", one in a "2004" folder and one in a "2005" folder, and open them at separate times, the window manager can't know that they're different documents.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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