Re: [Usability] gnome-terminal shortcuts

> > SHIFT+CTRL+V is an awkward combination for
> > something that's used frequently.
> Probably the easiest way round that is to use selections rather than copy/paste.  If you select some text in the terminal window, or another application, then centre-click in the terminal window the selected text will be pasted in without needing to type any obscure key combinations.

Arguably it is easier to reassign the shortcuts to ctrl+c and ctrl+v
in the keyboard preferences. That's what I've done for over a year and
it works fine. It is also invaluable for pasting error messages and
you can still interrupt programs because gnome-terminal will send
ctrl+c through if nothing is selected. Emacs ofcourse doesn't like it.
But I don't run Emacs inside a gnome-terminal window and I doubt very
many do. Besides, Emacs doesn't run very well inside a gnome-terminal
anyway because many alt+<some letter> shortcuts are already allocated
to the menubar.

I think the actual, existing problems with having Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V be
copy/paste are far, far fewer than the theoretical ones.

mvh Björn

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