Re: [Usability] Better look Re: (no subject)

I had an idea on the label subject... why not to put the information in
an roving label what i mean is that the label does not need to be plain
and static. say that someone assingns a expecific size for the label,
the information can move inside, like that there is no limite for the
amount of information that can go in it. 
we do that in web pages when we dont have more space to put information.
For as long as the user has the mouse over the icon the information on
the label will be passing when the user moves the mouse to a diferent
icon then a diferent label will show up. If the label is subtile and
nice that could look realy cool, adding the icon into the label could be
good as well.

I also think that assingning a specific area in the desktop just for
labels is not a bad idea... and the right top corner seams to me the
best option.

what do you think??

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