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On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 10:00 +0000, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> --- Josue Farde <josuefrade sapo pt> wrote:
> > there is another BIG problem with gnome at the
> > moment that i have
> > experienced, after instalation and after being st up
> > gnome does not work
> > very well when it comes to pass the image into the
> > screen, i've been
> > experiencing lots of problems,like lines going
> > across, or screen turning
> > black while using mouse or keybord.
> That's either Metacity's much reviled black borders ;)
> or a problem with your graphics drivers: do you have
> an nvidia card? If so, you need the nvidia drivers for X.
no the computer i was setting up had onboard 'visa' graphic card that it
was recognized and it had drivers, it just didn't work, everything was
ok until someone moves the mouse ou uses the keybord and screen would go
mad. I tryed after to install kde just 2 check if the problem was with
the card itself and everything was fine. Went back to gnome altered
configuration put the right resolution and refreshing rate and continued
doing the same... with my nvidea card gnome also shakes a bit kde
didn't.... it seems to me that somthing is wrong with gnome it self...
and i'm not the first person to whom this has happened.

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