Re: [Usability]Re: Toolbar editor

> Yes it is, but the whole point of a toolbar is only to contain the "more
> often used actions".  Infrequently-used items have no business being on
> the toolbar to start with, the question really  is whether we should
> allow users to add them later if they want to :)

As already said before, for any reasonably sized application, you can't
guess in advance which features will be used more often, in particular
if your user base is large, so I don't see how the position you're taking
can scale, even with a smiley :-)
Yes, for simple applications you can take the viewpoint that
'the programmer could/should get things right, and the user should not
have the need to choose'. This approach simply does not scale for big
application providing lots of features, users do need and ask for being
able to customize these things (toolbar, menus, ...).

My comment btw is based on experience in writing and supporting such large
software, it's not a theoretical rethoric.


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