Re: [Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

> Aha, now I understand. Well, a button in a notebook page for
> showing/hiding other notebook pages is pretty unusual. I don't know if the
> HIG says anything about this but it definately breaks the real-world
> notebook metaphor!
:) Good point. I will move the button outside notebook.

> Anyway, being blissfully unaware of the content of your Advanced pages,
> it seems more logical to me to just show all tabs and give them meaningful
> names. Then if there are options you'd really want to hide from non-power
> users you could use an expander button.
I someone could come up with reasonable names - I would be grateful. But
about showing all tabs initially - I think we generally agreed that
options on them are too exotic to show them at start. The button
"Advanced" at least warns user - you this stuff only if you really need

> I can't seem to find back the part that says 'otherwise use toggle', but
> that may be just me.
OK, I am trying to find out... Well, I actually was wrong. Radio buttons
can affect the state (well, probably it was some earlier version I
read?). Here:

"If toggling a radio button affects the sensitivity of other controls,
place the radio button immediately to the left of the controls that it
affects. This helps to indicate that the controls are dependent on the
state of the radio button."
So, if I don't put all the rest of the capplet "immediately to the left
of the controls" - I think it will be still ok to use radios?:). OK, I
will return radios back (and put them outside the notebook). Resolved.

> > > IIRC an "expander" button was recommended for disclosing advanced
> > > options?
> > Sorry, I dont not get it. Well, I will have a look at HIG again.
> I don't know if this is covered in the HIG. Calum? :-)
I do not really understand what "expander" is (in your terminology).
What kind of widget?

Thanks for ideas,


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