Re: [Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

Hi Sergey,

A few suggestions:

s/Keyboard layouts/Keyboard Layout   (in titlebar, I don't think the
plural is required in this case) 
s/Keyboard layouts' settings/Keyboard layout settings
s/Show advanced parameters/Advanced ...   (if this button remains)

Also, do you need the icon on this button?

I am not sure what the [...] buttons represent (in Layouts).

Apologies, I have not been following this thread very closely, so I'm
sorry if I'm repeating other people's points:

I agree with other peoples comments that clicking on a button to display
more tabs is peculiar. And before you do that, a dialog with a single
tab is peculiar.

Perhaps clicking on the Show advanced parameters/Advanced button could
open a new "Advanced Keyboard Layout" dialog with the two tabs that you

If you send me links to screenshots of the other two tabs, I can have a
look at them also. 

I wonder about the button label "Global Preconfigured" - what does it
mean? I wonder could the label be shortened?


"Sergey V. Oudaltsov" wrote:
> Hi all
> Ugh, there was a day yesterday in these mailing lists... Great thanks to
> everybody for participating (though I am not saying "everybody's at
> ease":). I hope now, when we've almost finished the discussion of the
> way gswitchit should look and feel - we'll solve fast all the remaining
> little question, won't we?:)
> Just to show the way it looks now:
> There is now "Show advanced keyboard parameters" toggle button which
> effectively turns on/off tabs "Options 1/2" (again, better names for
> them are welcome).
> As I promised, "Group Shift/Lock behavior" is moved to the first tab.
> All changes are in CVS, new button should be working properly.
> So these should be all changes people asked me about in relation to this
> capplet, shouldn't they? The only open question for this capplet is
> whether keyboard preview is neccessary (though this question is not
> really vital - I can hide the button at any point and users will not
> know).
> About the gswitchit properties (flags etc.):
> I'll take the wording "Available for keyboard switching" instead of
> "Secondary". This will be changed tomorrow or something. The only
> question remaining (well, almost resolved) is about flag chooser. Do we
> skip support for XFree < 4.3.0 (which I'd be happy to do) and remove
> flag chooser - or support earlier versions of XFree and leave it there?
> I would vote for the first option (and if noone says "No" - this will be
> done tomorrow). In either case, the option "Use layout ID as label"
> (better wording anyone?) will be added (and selected by default).
> Cheers,
> --
> Sergey
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