[Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:
: >instead[1]. The flag customization and the secondary layout feature you
: >describe very much sounds like such workaround functionality to me.
: Well, flag customization issue is already solved here (remove pixmap 
: customization, use layout name label by default). I just have to 
: implement it ASAP:) Though I don't really understand why it is 
: workaround (which problem does it actually workaround?:)

About flag customization:

This issue ("is customization needed?") exists only if you
1. forgot what pixmap is not necessarily contains flag of some country
   and forgot what name of pixmap is not necessarily named same as
   xkb-layout.  (My co-worker prefers see number of xkb-group, for example).
2. you have high-quality color balanced image of flag that can shown in
   any combination of brightness and contrast of monitor.  Don't forget
   about background color of panel also.  Always possible situation when
   color of your panel background is same or near to same as colors used
   in pixmap.
3. Remember example about Irish, when keyboard layout totally British
   but pixmap -- Irish.  How to do without customization of pixmap?
4. Yet another example: how to draw Ukrainian flag (in what colors)?  In
   colors of real flag or in colors that can be reproduced by monitor
   without displacing (physical) of eyes (light-blue and yellow colors
   are hard enough for monitors and too bright for be comfortable).  At
   this time just two pixmaps exists -- one correct politically, second
   correct ergonomically).

My vote is for make customization possible.  Keep in minds that pixmap
is not necessarily flag of country!

Andrew W. Nosenko    (awn bcs zp ua)

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