[Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

tis 2003-06-24 klockan 11.00 skrev Sergey V. Oudaltsov:
> > I think a lot of this review discussion is best done on i18n list,
> > because basically no one on the release team (save Kjartan) groks i18n
> > issues very well.
> Well, I have to admit to not having used a keyboard layout switching
> utility more than a couple of times (gkb) and it screwed my keyboard so
> I stopped doing that :-/
> I'm using a language which has only a couple of characters more than
> english, so I'm fine until I want to write in more than the two
> languages I know. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to learn another
> language by the feature freeze though ;-)

The same is basically true for me. I've only used keyboard switching
occasionally in the past (and that was on Windows) to be able to easily
type in large amounts of German text. There's actually only one
character in German that's not at all possible to type in from a
standard Swedish layout and that's s-z (""). So there's been little
need to change the layout (especially since changing layouts gets you
all the layout weirdnesses with keys moving from one place to another
and requires re-learning), and the current simple Windows switching
functionality was just enough in terms of features for doing so, at
least occasionally.

I would love to know a language that uses a different script than latin,
which would then make frequent keyboard switching a necessity, but the
sad truth is that I don't. So I guess this still leaves the question
open for i18n people that use keyboard switching a lot and are
interested in usability issues to come forward with their experiences.


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