Re: [Usability] [Fwd: RE: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

I think Gswitchit would fit very nicely into some kind of Gnome Power
Tools, or some sort of Pakcage for Advanced User Interface Tweaking which
I believe has been suggested before.
I would be the first to vote for it (and this would really simplify my life a lot) - but in this case international users get NO proper xkb tool but gkb - which is highly problematic. If GNOME platform can afford this (which I'm afraid would be the wrong thing) - put gswitchit into Power Tools. Otherwise - I will try to simplify it (according to any sane ideas from Murray and all people round here) - and add "Advanced settings" button to get full functionality. What I definitely would not like to do is to remove features. Hide some of them - quite possibly (one extra button click would not make much difference, would it?). But not remove.



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