Re: [Usability] [Fwd: RE: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

On 24 Jun 2003, Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:

> I think it is sensible to start with basic functionality and add features
> when people make a good case for them, instead of starting with everything
> and then dealing with the complaints when you remove them.

The way I see it the whole point of Gswitchit is to be a PowerTool that
gives as many options as it can reasonably manage.
While there is probably some room for reorganisation it would not make
sense to turn gswitchit into something very simple and minimal.

Gswitchit may never be an appropriate default for most users but
simplicity should not neccessitate the obliteration of features that are
useful for some users in corner cases, rather it should modularise them
and put them out of the way of ordinary users.  (Grrr, Mozilla Firebird,
must not rant!)
The fact that Gnome needs a better simple widget is not a good reason to
butcher a power tool (it is like trying to turn a baseball bat into a

Perhaps the basic simple parts could be modularised and used by Gnome and
the rest made kept as an add-on.

I think Gswitchit would fit very nicely into some kind of Gnome Power
Tools, or some sort of Pakcage for Advanced User Interface Tweaking which
I believe has been suggested before.


Alan H.

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