Bizzare Epiphany bookmarks (was Re: [Usability] Galeon (in Ximian2 )and probably all GTK2 versions)

>>Currently the bookmark system is bizarre and may annoy you, but Ephiphany
>>happened when the guy who created Galeon felt he could no longer direct

Alan, we would be really interested in constructive feedback on how to improve
it. The fact that so many people are throwing away the idea of doing things
in a different way, when it's quite evident that the "default" way of doing
it has problems, is really discouraging. Proposing something completely
different or just throw away the work we did as bizarre, is a waste ihmo.

Obviously the basic idea could be fundamentally wrong, but I have still
to hear a real argument against it (apart that it's quite hard to import
old collections with subfolders correctly). The fact that several people
(developers and users) started to use bookmarks only with epiphany may show
that there is at least something positive.

Both Seth and mpt seem to agree that throwing away the hierarchies and flat
down the collections removing subfolders, is a good idea. (Sub-sub menus
should be considered an usability bug after all.) And that seem the only
debatable change now that we have a bookmarks menu (with epiphany 0.7).
Am I missing something other ?
Please discard my silly opinion, but consider that there could be something
good in their ;)

I know your mail was sent off list and I understand you did not mean to
offend anyone. It did not offend me, I'm basically asking anyone to just
consider the idea and to let us know in a constructive way how it could
be improved.


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