Re: [Usability]Menu panel "chooser" button

Hi Riandi,

I think being able to access the same options found in the window list
panel object in the pull down menu is a great idea. I'm not sure if
right clicking is the right approach but it might be. Could you file a
bug report on the subject at and post a URL to
the bug here?


On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 19:01, Riandi Wiguna wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm no developer, just a Gnome 2 user; but I was wondering if there are
> any plans regarding the window chooser button at the far right of the
> Menu Panel.  I really think the button's great; it's convenient
> (complies with Fitt's Law and all) and takes up little space on the
> panel.  In fact, the only reason I still use the window list applet at
> all is on account of the fact that I can right-click to get window menus
> (helpful for closing a number of apps back to back).  Would it be
> possible to get this function for the chooser button?  And are there any
> plans for making the chooser button an applet so you could put it on any
> type of panel?
> Sorry, if this has been discussed before; or if it's an inherently bad
> idea from an UI perspective.  Just something I thought of.
> -Riandi Wiguna
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