Re: [Usability] clipboard manager comments

On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 04:11, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> The convention for a unique clipboard is to manage the selection
> CLIPBOARD_MANAGER.  The details of this are in the ICCCM. The source
> code of xclipboard (kinda), FVWM, Metacity, any xsettings daemon, any
> system tray (e.g., eggtray), and the
> simpleclipbook program (which I showed you) all contain examples of
> of selection managers.
> (xclipboard's is actually deficient. IIRC, it doesn't send the appropriate
> ClientMessage to the root window and doesn't support all required targets.)
> simpleclipbook and xclipboard used to correctly interact with each other 
> and themselves, but the simpleclipbook code was written before Gtk2 stabilized.
> For example, it still uses gdk_send_xevent() which is no longer in the API.

This issue is fixed in cvs, I hope this code does the check correctly :

	GdkAtom manager = gdk_atom_intern("CLIPBOARD_MANAGER", FALSE);
	if (XGetSelectionOwner(gdk_display, (Atom) manager)) {
		g_print(_("GCM: another application that does clipboard 			management
is already running\n"));
	} else {
		gtk_selection_owner_set (GTK_WIDGET(mwin), manager,

ps. About the subjects in this thread 
I have added some documentation about creating plugins :*checkout*/gcm/gcm-2/doc/plugins.html

And about using libgcm :*checkout*/gcm/gcm-2/doc/libgcm.html

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:me at freax dot org
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