Re: [Usability]Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

Overall, I like the proposal very much. Just a little suggestion:

bordoley msu edu wrote:

5. Files and Folders category (currently Icon and List Views)
------------------------------------------------------------- The "Click Behavior" subcategory is generalized to "Behavior." This subcategory now includes both the "click" preferences and "open each file and folder in a new window" preference.

I don't like the line separating "Open each file or folder..." from the "Activate items ..." options. Apart from that:

1. I'd find useful a different behaviour for files OR folders, i.e. I like to use the same window when navigating directories, but I would like to open files in different windows;

2. How about a selector gadget like thos used in the Previews tab for the "Activate items ..." choice?

3. Same goes for the Script behaviour.

Again, good stuff.


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