Re: [Usability]Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)


To save reading etc.. I've only replied to stuff i actually have
something useful to say about.

> Jan has offered to do the 
> implementation work (coding etc.) and we'd very much like to see this 
> happen for 2.2 if possible. 

Well if there is someone to do the work then I can't see why not -
should be "way cool"

> In addition, we'd like to consider moving the nautilus preferences out of 
> nautilus and into the control center. This change would make nautilus more 
> of a desktop component, similar to the panel, rather than a standalone 
> application. Also in the star trek future, some of these preferences could 
> in theory apply to a nautilus based file selector, so this is something to 
> at least consider.

This is a great idea - on the GUB ( ) and
other support forums there are a lot of questions about how to change
the gnome desktop settings.

I think that there should be a sepporate desktop settings applet
accessible throught the control center and the desktop right-click menu.
eg. The user's first instanct if they want to change the size of their
desktop icons is not to go to the file manager options.

> In addition the "Use nautilus to draw the desktop" preference is really 
> a power user tweak preference that shouldn't be included in the ui

I agree with this - but it would make it particularly important that the
bugs that cause people not to use nautilus for the desktop in the first
place be fixed. Eg. slow redrawing when dragging icons. This will
minisise the amount of ppl complaining about it.

> The "Executable Text Files" category is renamed "Scripts." This change was 
> prompted by an existing nautilus bug report. I do not feel strong about the 
> title either way, however the word script does appear in other parts of the 
> nautilus ui. These prefs remain unchanged.

Very bad idea using the same name for two different functions. What was
the bug number of that report? Personally I would stick with the old

Nice work lads

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