[Usability]Re: Nautilus Preference Proposal (screenshots too!!!!)

On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 04:32, Glen Gray wrote:
> I take it this is the new Icon Theme stuff that will affect the whole
> desktop (menus and all) as opposed to just naulitus ?


> > 4. Desktop and Trash category
> > -----------------------------
> > We removed this category.
> > 
> > 
> I agree, it could be confusing to newer users. Most people live with the
> default. And those that dare to try "Use Home Folder as Desktop" rarely
> go back :). Without wanting to get a flame war going or rehashing one
> that happend pre-2.0, could we get feed back from the usability team on
> what is felt to be the best option for the default ? Having said that a
> thought just popped into my mind regarding the freedesktop.org proposals
> for the desktop dir. Perhaps HP could give his views on this
> controversial feature.

Well Havoc thinks ~Desktop should be the desktop.Seth and I think $home
should be the desktop, not sure what calum's opinion is, but yeah lets
not start this flame war in this thread, if you like start another,
it'll be fun .... :)

> > 5. Files and Folders category (currently Icon and List Views)
> > ------------------------------------------------------------- 
> >  
> > The "Executable Text Files" category is renamed "Scripts." This change was 
> > prompted by an existing nautilus bug report. I do not feel strong about the 
> > title either way, however the word script does appear in other parts of the 
> > nautilus ui. These prefs remain unchanged.
> >  
> Not sure on this one for the same reasons Dave mentioned. Perhaps the
> usability team could give guidance on this ?

Yeah i'm pretty much neutral and incline to do whatever the ui
team/maintainers think is right.

> > As mentioned before the "Hidden files" and "Backup files" preferences are 
> > moved into the views menu and are combined into a single preference. 
> > 
> IIRC, there was discussions to have this put as a view option that could
> be blanket applied as the default but changed for each window. e.g. I
> don't want to see "." or "~" files in general. But I drill down into a
> particular dir and can't see what I want so I select "Show Hidden Files"
> from the menu/popup menu for the current window. 
> Now this opened a can of worms I seem to remember about whether we
> should save this info for this dir or if it should be transiant etc.
> I've no particular preference. As a user I generally wouldn't want to
> see all the . and ~ files unless I was looking for something
> specifically. So if it was saved chances are I'd want to turn it off
> again for the view after I'd found what I was looking for.

Yeah, in my ideal world this would just be a view menu option that
persists across new windows (as I proposed for the sidebar, toolbar
prefs as well). I'm not a big fan of per dir stuff (well at least in
this respect), i think for the most part it just confuses users and is
annoying (though I am in favor of an object based ui). But anyway for
the time being lets just do it the proposed way and fix it later.

> I'm with jdub on this one. That theme was pretty bad ;p

If people don't stop ripping on my themes and fonts (alex..) i'm going
to start posting all my screenshots using the bubble theme. Now that
will be revenge. :)


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