Re: [Usability] Shift-Del, Shift-Ins

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:

> P G wrote:
> > Hi again!
> > 
> > Shift-Del and -Ins are standard Windoze key sequences for Cut and Paste.  I know 
> > people who are used to using these, rather than C-x, C-v.  I am one of those, and 
> > it's quite frustrating when they don't work:  a couple of Shift-Ins attempts to 
> > paste yield nothing; I try C-v a couple of times, only to remember that Shift-Del 
> > deletes but doesn't copy to the clipboard;  with anxiety now, I try Undo, then 
> > C-x;  if Undo is not implemented it's even worse.
> Shift-ins and similar shortcuts are not standard. They were in DOS and
> Win 3.1 applications.
> Java designers refused to make Shift-ins etc. shortcuts. So sentence
> "in windows it's standard" is simply not true -- 

I agree ""in windows it's standard" is simply not true.
however, it was win311 standard.
what can i say now is
"it's still supported in windows"

> I use lots of Java apps
> on Windows at work, and in none of them Shift-ins works. Sadly I can't find 
> a link to text that says why Java decided not to implement these shortcuts.

while i searching "Java shift insert" at google, i found many page
suggesting shift ins while using it java applet. hmmmm.

I came accrose "CUA" or "Common User Access"
then i search for "CUA common user access" ,
definition given by webpodeia is 

"Short for Common User Access, a set standards for user interfaces 
developed by IBM. CUA is one component of the System Application 
Architecture (SAA) standards introduced in 1987."

so, it's not "Windows standard", may be we can say just:
 "Windows 3.11 support Common User Access."
 "Windows9x still support CUA, but not promoting it."

i came across word 'CUA 91', 'CUA 93' but cant find the actual spec. :(
but i think i found person for involved with it

about the java, i would love to see the docs telling not 
to shift ins.

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)
Fail .signature ini mengandungi enam belas aksara 'a' dan lapan aksara 'i'

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