Re: Fwd: Re: [Usability]File renaming/extensions [chbm chbm nu]

> there is no need of filesystem support for this so it doesn't belong there.
> it also makes for happy fun b0rkage like "i'm reading the mime-type from
> the filesystem but did the other app update it or am i reading crap ?"

Have you read the report at It would bring much more
features that should have been on computers a long long time ago...

> unix solved this long ago. the solution is called magic numbers. sensible
> formats have magic numbers. those who don't need to be replaced.
> i like the way gmc can find my jpegs even if i don't moronicaly name them
> foo.jpg

You are right, extensions are not needed. So way does almost every
application depend on them, nowadays?

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