[Usability] Re: program binary names

Seth Nickell <snickell stanford edu> writes: 
> http://usability.gnome.org/proposals/menus.html
> Nils has done a terrific job on this and its pretty stable at this point
> as you can probably guess by the revision history ;-)

I have to agree, I'm really excited about having this in 2.0. 
> If you are looking at modifying your own application, I also suggest you
> at least scan:
> http://usability.gnome.org/hig/desktop-integration.html

This is awesome too, I don't believe I've never seen it before. You
guys aren't sending out enough announcements. ;-)
> That would be a lovely change. Ximian has done this, and I think the
> results have been largely positive.

The trick is to do it without losing all third-party menu items from
the panel menu. That's why we haven't done it in Red Hat.

George's new all-singing all-dancing menu proposal should fix that.


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