Re: [Usability] SM UI plan

On 12Oct2001 07:30PM (-0500), Paul Joseph Thompson wrote:
> <quote who="Havoc Pennington">
> > Logout
> > ===
> >
> > On logout, the GUI will be very similar to the current one; we
> > have several tasks:
> >
> > - confirm desire to log out
> > - give options to shut down or reboot
> > - give option to save session
> >
> > Elliot Lee has suggested the refinement that instead of radio
> > buttons for shutdown/reboot/logout, we simply have dialog buttons
> > with those labels.
> >
> > If "save session" is checked in the logout dialog, we save the
> > session just before logging out.
> >
> > We can't really theme the logout effect as easily as the login
> > splash screen effect, because there are messy technical issues
> > (grabbing the server to keep the user from clicking on any apps).
> > So most likely that won't be themeable at least for now.
> I'd like to suggest a drop down box with the different logout options
> in it. Directly below the box would be text that described each
> logout option, as they were chosen. Then there would be ok, cancel
> buttons below. For instance:

If there are only going to be a few logout options, I think it is poor
practice to use a drop-down list. It does not allow the users to see
all the available choices without using the control. This should only
be done as a last resort due to space constraints. Either radio
buttons or command buttons are better. Out of those, I think command
buttons make more sense - direct actions are better than indirect.

(Side note - is it really necessary for the logout dialog to grab the
server? What's so bad about letting users click on other apps while
it's up?)

 - Maciej

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