[Usability] program binary names


We have the unfortunate issue that many error messages will be unable
to display anything besides the binary name of an app. Sometimes this
is relatively OK ("gnumeric"), sometimes it's quite bad
(e.g. "meat-grinder" is both confusing and bizarre).

It would be nice to think about how to provide the "human readable
name" from the .desktop file (ideally, in localized/translated form),
and in the meantime, we should consider renaming binaries that have
really bad names. Binaries should be named something similar to what
appears in the .desktop file as the Name field. So e.g.
s/meat-grinder/archive-generator/ perhaps.

When fooling with this, it wouldn't hurt to look at the menu proposal
for GNOME 2 (I don't have the URL handy), which proposes some naming
conventions for the Name field in .desktop files, and also proposes
renames for some specific apps.

Better app names could be a noticeable UI enhancement for 2.0.


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