[Usability] Any lefties around?

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> I really should find the video, because the really interesting thing to come
> out of it was that 2 out of the three left-handers hugged the LHS whilst
> reading. The other one always followed the text with his mouse. ;) Not
> enough people to be really insightful, but it was interesting.

When my Mum - who was left handed - wrote on paper, she'd shift it to write
sideways, for two reasons: So that her hand wouldn't smudge the ink, and so
she could still see the context of what she was writing.

Do all left-handers write like this, or is it further proof of the freakish
genes I have inherited?

[ Why? I'm interested in further usability discussion with left-handers. ]

- Jeff

   "The beanbag is a triumph of modern day eclectic colourism..." - Catie   

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