[Usability] Re: Any lefties around?

On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 11:19:59PM +1100 or thereabouts, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> When my Mum - who was left handed - wrote on paper, she'd shift it to write
> sideways, for two reasons: So that her hand wouldn't smudge the ink, and so
> she could still see the context of what she was writing.
> Do all left-handers write like this, or is it further proof of the freakish
> genes I have inherited?

Not all, but it's not uncommon. I knew one left-hander who'd turn it
through 90 degrees. I don't. I write in the other way: hand hooked
awkwardly over (unless I'm playing with mirror writing, where I can
holdmy hand in a more natural position). 

> [ Why? I'm interested in further usability discussion with left-handers. ]

I am left-handed. Inveterately so. And yes, I remap my mouse buttons
because I use it in my left hand and using my ring finger (oh dear,
"second from end" or something?) for left-click was painful. Left side
of the keyboard, with button 1 on the "inside", so to speak. I can never 
imagine how other left-handers leave the buttons where they are, unless
they're using the mice in their right hands.

And I rearrange my panels substantially, because bottom-left of the
screen for the menu seems quite unreachable to me. I suppose it's
out of the way, at least..


(PS: reply-to is three lists, two of which I'm not subscribed to.
Which of them should it be? I'm just sending to all three for now.)

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