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On 21/09/11 15:22, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 20/09/11 10:40, Rainer M Krug wrote:
Following this, I also tried

tracker-control --miner Files --pause-for-process='Need CPU'

from xterm but it does not seem to pause the miner (still using
CPU time, although when using --pause, it does not), although it
increases the Cookie number - is this a bug?

Yes. :) I checked and tracker-control finalizes the manager object
right after calling the pause function. This means the dbus proxy
essentially disappears and the other end assumes we just terminated
as an application. I have updated the docs and tracker-control and
it works now.

Great - thanks.

See commits:

commit fd508d73edf76fd9e603c76ab618658d4d81979e Author: Martyn
Russell <martyn lanedo com> Date:   Wed Sep 21 14:18:22 2011 +0100

tracker-control: Don't finalize TrackerMinerManager with 

This command line option was useless, the finalize meant we
resumed immediately afterwards instead of waiting for the Ctrl+C
for the main loop we use.

This was noticed by Rainer M. Krug.

commit 3b5c8d7ba512b4be731725095291cae4c2c32f5e Author: Martyn
Russell <martyn lanedo com> Date:   Wed Sep 21 14:16:39 2011 +0100

libtracker-miner: Improve docs for 

When finalizing the manager, it will resume the pause. The 
tracker-control utility was demonstrating this. Let people calling
it know.

One additional question: I would like to be able to have a
script, which pauses tracker-miner-fs, and another one which
resumes it. The pausing is easy, but how can I save the cookie
number into a file, to make sure that I resume the right Cookie?

If --pause-for-process would be working, that would be the
easiest to use for this.

I would use that instead with 0.12.2 when it's released tomorrow.

Looking forward to the release,

Thanks for noticing ;)

pleasure - it makes my life easier now.



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