Re: [Tracker] using tracker framework for other data

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your answer. It sound that introspection in this
direction is possible.

ÂI am very curious on how tracker performs on such a big specific
dataset. It is not designed for that (our mind is on user data and
embedded devices) but can be an excellent test!
What do you mean about the limitation of the size. In our use case
each entry have a small size, for example an abstract of one
publication. However, the whole database should store about ~50Gb of
entries (for ~15 ontology). Except the case of the sqlite backend,
does this could be an strong issue?
I don't know of anybody having tried tracker with such a big dataset...
Actually, the optimizations you make for embedded devices and for big
servers are not really the same :p

Another solution would be to adapt libtracker-data to make tracker run on
top of postgres, but that's probably more work and I've no idea how it
would perform. I would suggest converting your dataset to turtle, importing
it in Tracker and testing a few queries... If it's too slow, I have been
using virtuoso in the past and we handled datasets of several hundreds of
GB without too much problems (you still need a decent machine to run it
on, and Tracker is *much* easier to use).



PS. For big datasets, we had also evaluated Oracle 11g, but we dropped it
for some reason I forgot... Maybe because it was too expensive :p

Âgood luck and feel free to post questions or write on IRC!
Thank you, I will :)


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