Re: [Tracker] Tracker 0.10 and gnome-shell

On 09/02/11 23:43, John Stowers wrote:
Hi All,

Hi there,

I was just wondering if there had been discussions or conclusions
regarding tracker, the stable 0.10 release, and gnome-shell.

We do want to integrate yes. We didn't get around to it yet.

It probably won't be in the first 0.10 release, but it is certainly something we could add to later releases after it has been proven in master for a while.

It seems the zeitgeist team are planning to add a pane to the overview
for showing recent activity/files. Does a similar plan exist for
tracker, or is there any bug/mailing list discussions covering this?

Well, at least I think it makes sense to use Tracker to search for applications and files (or recently used files). There are a lot of other applications for Tracker, like searching contacts, emails, etc.

I started looking into this this week, but didn't see any clear API or way to do this yet - am I looking in the wrong place? Can you point us in the right direction? Owen did say there is an extension type API we can use.

What is the state of the tracker applets, status icons and search tool
wrt. gtk+-3.0

Applets are fixed in a branch and we're close to merging to master and tracker-0.10 branch. The branch will make all UIs in Tracker require GTK+ 3.x. This seems a safe bet with Fedora/Ubuntu preparing GTK+ 3.x for their next distros.

Status icon is dead.

Search Tool is dead, replaced by tracker-needle¹.



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