Re: [Tracker] Ontology problem in NMO (nmo:plainTextMessageContent) for Full Text Search

On 06/09/10 11:08, Mildred Ki'Lya wrote:


Looking at Full Text Search, I found that only a limited number of
properties were indexed:

The property I want indexed is nmo:plainTextMessageContent, but it
doesn't seem to be (see my previous messages). I found that it should
be indexed nevertheless because it inherits from nie:plainTextContent.

Just saw this after replying to your previous posts :)

But Tracker doesn't seem to have this inheritance relationship. Making
nmo:plainTextMessageContent not indexed. The relationship exists in
the nepomuk ontologies.

No, properties like tracker:fulltextIndexed do not apply through inheritance. Perhaps this is something we should fix, Jürg any comment here?


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