Re: [Tracker] RDF graphs and full text search

On 03/09/10 16:08, Mildred Ki'Lya wrote:
With the following query, I don't get any results:

SELECT ?x nie:url(?x)
   ?x a         nmo:Email ;
      fts:match "Lucene"  .

Results: 0

But with this:

SELECT ?x nie:url(?x)
   ?x a nmo:Email
   FILTER regex(nmo:plainTextMessageContent(?x), "Lucene")

nie:plainTextContent *is* indexed, however, nmo:plainTextMessageContent is *not* indexed. You can see what is and isn't using:

  tracker-sparql -q "select ?p where { ?p tracker:fulltextIndexed true }"

Do I understand how is supposed to work fts:match correctly?

Yes, additionally, there is also this link which might be useful for you:


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