[Tracker] Mp3 Albumart extraction, Thumnails using MetaTracker 0.9.18

I am using Tracker ver 0.9.18 with Ubuntu 10.04.
I am interested to use Tracker as a backend for media metadata indexing and search with my MediaPlayer UI.
1) I need the support for ID3 albumart exctraction from mp3 files.
   I studied the ontologies at
   But could not find class/property which gives id3 albumart thumbnail information.
   Is there any way that I can get id3 albumart using Tracker from mp3 file.

2) Also can Tracker create Picture or Video filesThumbanails when the thumbnails for media are not present 
initially in /.thumbnails directory. (e.g. If the media directory is never browsed with "Nautilus" or other 
file browser)

Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Chavan

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