[Tracker] RDF graphs and full text search


I was wondering what exactly was a graph in SPARQL queries?

For the moment, I only inszert triples in the database using an INSERT
query. I also use DELETE sometimes to remove old values where I need to
place the new values (which for some reason might have changed).

But in the log files, and in the evolution plugin, I saw constructs of
the form:

  <iri> a ... ; ... .

How is that different to:

  <iri> a ... ; ... .

I wondered if that had an effect on the Full Text Search in Tracker as I
can't find anything using fts:match. If I am looking the word "Lucene"
that is included in a message body (nmo:plainTextMessageContent), the
following query don't return any results:

SELECT ?x WHERE { ?x a nmo:Email ; fts:match "Lucene" . }



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