Re: [Tracker] Re-index/re-scan on each restart?

On 09/02/2010 10:06 PM, Michael Steiner wrote:
Yep, i try to save the logs (as i did for the latter problems i
mentioned for which i did attach the logfile).

However, i noticed now another issue with retaining log-files: It
seems tracker does truncate log-files (tracker-miner-fs) and/or delete
them on restarts, the latter particularly an issue as some processes
(e.g., tracker-extract) seem to get automatically restarted, probably
due to some watchdog. Or put differently, i did start yesterday night
a re-index run and this morning i noticed that the log-files didn't
cover the whole time but semed to be truncated from time to time.  I
looked in the wiki and in the config files but couldn't see any config
option related to log-file backups or log-file truncation.  What am i
supposed to do to not loose log info?

Well, in fact tracker-extract exits after 30 seconds if inactivity. It
restarts when needed. And when a tracker program starts, it removes the
previous log file.

Perhaps there should be an option to archive the old log files instead
of deleting them.


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