Re: [Tracker] tracker 0.9.17 evolution miner

On 02/09/10 16:41, Matthias Thon wrote:
Hello Maryn,


i see that you are very busy in different questions (tracker-list)
I have installed newer versions of tracker on my ubuntu lucid.
But I had no goals with evolution push service. Version 0.9.17 is
difficult to install, because libgtkhtml has an older version on lucid.

Hmm, works here for me fine, I don't have any issues with libgtkhtml though? Can you share where and why you need this?

For now i have installed tracker 0.6.95 from source and it works fine
with evolution pull.

I hope I can switch to a newer version with the next ubuntu release.

Thanks for your help

I see. I would do everything and anything possible if I was you to move away from 0.6.x, 0.7+ is much better in so many ways and still supported.


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