Re: [Tracker] tracker 0.9.17 evolution miner

Hello Maryn,

i see that you are very busy in different questions (tracker-list)
I have installed newer versions of tracker on my ubuntu lucid.
But I had no goals with evolution push service. Version 0.9.17 is
difficult to install, because libgtkhtml has an older version on lucid.

For now i have installed tracker 0.6.95 from source and it works fine
with evolution pull.

I hope I can switch to a newer version with the next ubuntu release.

Thanks for your help


Am Dienstag, den 31.08.2010, 13:21 +0200 schrieb Matthias Thon:
Hi Martyn,

the plugin "Tracker" is checked inside evolution. I have looked into
dbus communication with dbus-monitor. I can see messages between the
evolution plugin and tracker-miner-fs. But the status of "email" in the
tracker-status-icon stay's in state "initializing... 0%". Tracker-search
shows no emails. 
In the dbus-communication i see some error-messages like:

method return sender=:1.99 -> dest=:1.76 reply_serial=64
method return sender=:1.99 -> dest=:1.76 reply_serial=65
   variant       string "Inbox"
method return sender=:1.99 -> dest=:1.76 reply_serial=66
   variant       string "2010-08-31T05:19:48.688508Z"
error sender=:1.99 -> dest=:1.76
   string "Indicator 1 has no property named 'icon'"
method return sender=:1.99 -> dest=:1.76 reply_serial=68
   variant       string "0"

I'am working with evolution 2.28.3. Must i have a newer version of

regards Matthias

On Tue, 2010-08-31 at 09:29 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 30/08/10 14:42, Matthias Thon wrote:


i try to use tracker on my computer with ubuntu 10.04.
First i installed tracker from the normal ubuntu packaget sources
(0.6.95). Normal file indexing works fine with that. But it seemed that
evolution miner was disabled. So I installed the stable Version 0.8.16
from tracker After compiling and installing
everything works fine but my email (evolution) was not indexed.

Did you enable the plugin inside Evolution?

status-icon shows (initialising...).
After that i installed Version 0.0.17 form But i
still have the same problem.

Do you mean 0.9.17 here?

Here my questions: Do you have an idea whats the problem? Did the
evolution plugin generate some debug-informations?

I tested this on 0.8.16 recently, I know the plugin works. Perhaps you 
just need to enable it?

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