Re: [Tracker] How to change the search tool shortcut

Le Wed, 6 Oct 2010 15:35:55 +0200,
Damian <damian only gmail com> a écrit :

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 3:28 PM, Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>
On 06/10/10 14:17, Damian wrote:

Hi Martyn,

Thank you for your reply.

No problem,

But this means that the keyboard shortcut is hard-codded in the
source code! Can't this be changed dynamically?

Nope. There is even a FIXME for it :)

Or, just don't run tracker-status-icon, that should do it.

Well the thing is that I would like to re-bind the search function
to another key rather than killing the whole thing.

Are those the only ways (running Google Desktop Search is not an

Are you not able to rebuild Tracker? We can change it of course,
but you still are out of luck until we release (unless you build it
I understand. Thanks for the explanation.

I must say I'm a little bit short of time building tracker myself,
because I'll probably have to do some reading first. So In the
meantime I'll just klill the tracker-status-icon. Any ideas on how to
prevent it from loading at startup (I'm using gnome 2.32).

In the "preferences" menu you have a "startup application" item, there
you should be able to uncheck tracker-status-icon.




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