[Tracker] Question about the internals of Tracker and extractors


I have been working on extending tracker support for several things my org needs. We needed support for UTF-16 in the text extractor and we needed an rtf extractor.  This has brought up two questions from issues I am seeing running with prototypes of the new extractors.

1.  While processing large text files I can  get a shutdown timeout. Is there a way to increase this and is it #define QUIT_TIMEOUT 30 /* 1/2 minutes worth of seconds */ in tracker-main.c.  Is there also a relation to #define MAX_EXTRACT_TIME 10 in tracker-extract.c?

2.  I am seeing some errors while processing large files in the debug log.They look like this:

Tracker:   Got DBus timeout error on 'file:///some file', but it could not be caused by it. Retrying file.
Tracker: Could not process 'file:///some file': Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)

It seems that I am processing so much I may have exceeded some timeout.  Is there any way to change this, and where would it be?

Ken Schmedding

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