Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.28 released

On 28/03/10 15:44, Michael Biebl wrote:
2010/3/25 Martyn Russell<martyn lanedo com>:
The result is attached.

Quite a few files seem to miss an appropriate header, a few have
outdated an outdated FSF address,
and for some it's not clear to me why LGPL is used over GPL.
I thought only the libs were supposed to be LGPL.
Examples are
./src/tracker-status-icon/ (mixture of GPL and LGPL)

I have fixed all these and also fixed some of the other issues related to this area which have been bugging me for a while.

Great script by the way :) really useful.

I have fixed most places now, let me know if there is anything left. Looks good to me.

Ivan, Jürg, Carlos, Philip, Mikael, please check this branch and I will merge before we release.


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