Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.28 released

On 29/03/10 12:58, Ivan Frade wrote:
Hi all,


Currently the relation extractor <-> mime type is hardcoded _inside_ the
extractor module code. It could be very convenient to have it in an
external file (one per extractor, one for all extractors... not sure
which one is the best option).

An example of why is it a problem right now: our gstreamer extractor
works fine for "application/ogg" files, but it won't process them
because the mimetype is not included in the code. If somebody wants to
add that mimetype they are forced to a) recompile b) copy/paste a new
extractor modifying the mimetype.

This is a good point. I would love to do two things here:

1. Have the precedence order for extractors (done in tracker-extract.c) perhaps in the config? (to allow some extractors to override others)

2. Some solution for dynamic mime-type configuration per extractor as Ivan says.

Please take this into consideration before the 0.8 release.

We should try to get this in if we can. I can see this as a potential problem otherwise. I know that with 0.6 this area is a mess and we really can do more here before the release I think.


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