Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.28 released

2010/3/28 Adrien Bustany <madcat mymadcat com>:

Thanks for the report! I have a few symbols that belong to my code, I'll
fix that. BTW, couldn't we have a C macro to export symbols, something
along the lines of

tracker_my_function_that_should_be_public (void)

rather than playing with regexps in the Makefile ? I've no idea of how it
would be done though. I know KDE does it, so it should be doable.

I guess they use GCC visibility support.

There are a few methods how you can control which symbols are exported.
1/ If it's only used in the same source file, you can use static
2/ A linker version script, gives you full control over which symbols
are exported but needs to be kept up-to-date
3/ libtools -export-symbols(-regex) support (internally converted to a
version script)

3/ means the least work but also it can happen that symbols slip
through unintentionally.


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