Re: [Tracker] haw to force index/reindex of one file/directory?

yes, we have this choice. But it still depend what options will importer
have. If simple import.. importer can do it all. If import with choice
then it should be capable to display grouped files


This will mean we need to have two programms
doing same: importer wich display without tracker-backend and solang
with tracker-backend.

The importer does the actual job of parsing the DCIM layout even if it
does not provide the user with any choices. Solang (or any other
program) just leverages the semantic relationships that have been
inserted into Tracker by the importer.

The point I am trying to highlight is that the job of deciphering the
DCIM filesystem is not being done by Tracker.

Modifikation time. better from exif (for new file names),
video framerate (quirk for panasonic, may be some other cameras too),
file size (to be sure we have place to import),
file and folder names (can actually use urls provided by tracker)

We might show some of these information to the user if she wants to
choose what is going to be imported. However I would want to keep it
simple and only show relevant bits of meta-data to avoid overwhelming
the user.

Relying on Tracker just for extracting some meta-data from the files
seems to be an overkill to me, especially because of surrounding
complications and subtleties. For all practical purposes, I would
copy-paste Tracker's code for extracting these bits into the camera
importer. ;-)

Think of it this way. If Tracker is not being used on the system, the
user can still use the importer although it won't be inserting any
semantic relations anywhere.

Happy hacking,
One reason that life is complex is that it has a real part and an
imaginary part.
    -- Andrew Koenig

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