Re: [Tracker] haw to force index/reindex of one file/directory?

Am Samstag, den 27.03.2010, 10:57 +0200 schrieb Debarshi Ray:
I described it in my document. Info you get from dcim to group files and
nut just blind show or copy that.

To do that we need to read the DCIM filesystem anyway. If we are going
to insert the semantic relationship between photos that are part of a
group (panoramas, intervals, etc.) then we need an intimate knowledge
of the directory layout and since the camera importer is going to
decipher the DCIM layout itself, why not let it read the list of files

yes, we have this choice. But it still depend what options will importer
have. If simple import.. importer can do it all. If import with choice
then it should be capable to display grouped files like solang
will/should do some time. This will mean we need to have two programms
doing same: importer wich display without tracker-backend and solang
with tracker-backend.

Anyway, if tracker will index attached removable storage, why not just
let im do it? I will need this info any way.

Which info?

Modifikation time. better from exif (for new file names),
video framerate (quirk for panasonic, may be some other cameras too),
file size (to be sure we have place to import),
file and folder names (can actually use urls provided by tracker)

Before import we can just call file list function in solang with limited
UI and pass search option (like 'urn:nepomuk:datasource:2018-341A') to
show only files on cam.

When the camera will be removed Tracker has to isolate the URLs from
this datasource. Tracker probably does that, but this is tricky and if
we can avoid doing this (which might mean overriding the user's
preferences) then better.

If i understand correctly, tracker monitor storage uuid and on unmount
detach urls with this uuid:

'' =
'' =

this will mean we should update uuid and url. (if we use tracker)
On other hand if we do not update url, but create new at the moment
storage is still attached, user will get double view. I mean, will same
files two times in solang... am i correct? (some user will be confused
and try o remove pictures, but probably imported ones and from removable
storage. After this put the flash to the camera and empty that ... and
so on. Sound horrible)

Other question: What about trashing tracker database. I plug storage
with  same uuid three times but with different content. For example
removed pictures and made new. Will tracker remove from database old
urls and add new or will it still have old urls?

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