Re: [Tracker] haw to force index/reindex of one file/directory?

Am Freitag, den 26.03.2010, 23:18 +0200 schrieb Debarshi Ray:
Old annoying topic - photo importer. If you still do not have headace.

Well, I knew that already. :-)

I is not a mystery, all my current attention to tracker connected with
this topic. Even posted FAT16 bug.

There is two variants of importer:
simple - no questions, no chose, no previews. no need of tracker before
import. Still need to extract metadata (still best work for tracker)
advanced - with choice and previews. This can't be based on
gthumb-importer, probably will perform better to base importer on lite
version of solang.

Can't we combine them both? By default just provide the simple
interface. Something like the screenshot you put up. But provide a
small UI control (a GtkExpander or a GtkButton) that will show a
selectable list of thumbnails. We can separate out the photos, video
and audio based on the filename extensions.

(I need support of groups, video and audio). This
need tracker before import and after.

What exactly do you mean by groups?

I described it in my document. Info you get from dcim to group files and
nut just blind show or copy that.

Once we dump the files into a directory, Tracker will automatically
pick it up. If the directory is not being watched by Tracker, we can
put up a big fat dialog to let the user know about that and suggest
that they do so by clicking a button.

There are use cases without import but with use of dcim grouping:

Again, what exactly is dcim grouping? Is it something you mentioned
about in your earlier document?


Anyway, if tracker will index attached removable storage, why not just
let im do it? I will need this info any way. 

Before import we can just call file list function in solang with limited
UI and pass search option (like 'urn:nepomuk:datasource:2018-341A') to
show only files on cam. 

If files need to be downloaded, we will just download it and replace
URLs (..ontologies/2007/01/19/nie#url) in tracker.

So i still need the answer, haw can i be sure if tracker did what he
actually should do? indexed removable media. And if not, haw can i fore
tracker to do it? 

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