Re: [Tracker] exiftool vs gstreamer

Am Dienstag, den 23.03.2010, 15:28 +0200 schrieb Debarshi Ray:
I will need your help, but more intensive hacking i will start in three
months. Currently I'm in Southafrika and have limited Internet.

Download the gthumb-importer source code, install Tracker, install the
development packages of Gtk/Glib and Devhelp and you can start
working. You don't really need the Internet that much. ;-)

My system is outdated, with gtk lisb it pool all desktop. I have only 33
MB pro day :( Still need to wait, or i can will write backend with libc.
(or may be python ;) )
And three months is too long. :-(

At this
time i collect more data about cameras and i need more DCIM patterns.

We will never be able to have information about every single camera.
New models will come up all the time. We should try to modularize the
code for each camera so that it  becomes easy to support newer models
in the future.

if you have panasonic or olympus or anything, read this page

I have an Olympus.

Das it make audio comments, panorama, interval photos, videos or some
thing like this? Can you digg in it and send me filenames?


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