Re: [Tracker] exiftool vs gstreamer

Am Montag, den 22.03.2010, 11:37 +0000 schrieb Martyn Russell:
On 22/03/10 11:26, Alexey Fisher wrote:
Am Montag, den 22.03.2010, 10:40 +0000 schrieb Martyn Russell:
On 22/03/10 10:30, Alexey Fisher wrote:
After a lot of testing i found that exiftool can extract more metadata
than gstreamer do.
Current gstreamer can't handle any files produced by digital cameras,
exaftool can. It handle even ogg, mov, avi, many image formats ...
But it can't handle mkv files.
So my question is: what longterm solution is better, to add mkv to
exiftool or to add exif to gstreamer?

As a guess, I would say GStreamer. I don't know the state of development
with exiftool, but GStreamer as a framework is quite widely adopted.

Please do not make answers like: I do not know what is it but i think it
is bad.
here is link to exiftool

I didn't say "I do not know what it is", I said I don't know the state 
of its development. Those are two very different things. Clearly if 
exiftool is no longer being developed or has less backing than a 
framework like GStreamer, the decision is easier to make.

 From our point of view we would rather support less 3rd party 
frameworks/applications to do our extraction. We currently integrate 
with GStreamer, so that would be the reason for me suggesting it (others 
may have an opinion here).

But if you want a more concrete answer you should really be contacting 
the development teams for GStreamer and exiftool yourself and making 
your own mind up there. We will have a biased view based on our 
experiences and what we already support of course.

I see.

About EXIF in RIFF i get your point and really like to see it in

Than other question. For short time there was some sort of call to all
developers to use tracker as backend for management programs like
f-spot, rhythmbox ... i like tis idea. 

But now after i took a look to the source of tracker i see you make own
extractors for tiff, jpg and png. some times you use litexif for this.
What is about RAW image formats? gstreamer is not answer for this.

I think it will be real challenge to maintain it by your self. So it
make me worry that app like Solang will take some years before it will
be useful to manage photos.

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