[Tracker] SubjectsChanged and nmm:MusicPiece


When I do:
cp file1.mp3 indexed_directory/file1.mp3
Tracker triggers the subjectsAdded signal for nfo:audio and nmm:MusicPiece.

When I do:
rm indexed_directory/file1.mp3
Tracker triggers the subjectsRemoved signal for nfo:audio and nmm:MusicPiece.

But, when I already have indexed_directory/file1.mp3 and do:
cp file2.mp3 indexed_directory/file1.mp3
(or simply touch indexed_directory/file1.mp3)
Tracker triggers only the subjectsChanged signal for nfo:Audio and not for nmm:MusicPiece.

Is it a bug (I'm still using Tracker 0.7.17) or something I didn't understood ? It is disturbing as my program is looking at the music pieces, and correctly see when a new music is added or removed, but can't be updated when a music is *modified*.


Florent Viard
Software Development Engineer
fviard lacie com

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