Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.24 released

On 08/03/10 02:01, Jerry Tan wrote:
On 03/ 5/10 04:42 PM, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 05/03/10 06:07, Jerry Tan wrote:
Is the gio backend available for this version?

GIO backend for what? monitoring?


0.7.x only support libinotify ,
but with the bug fixed in glib, gio support move event,

Yes, I asked Christian Kellner to write the patch for GIO for us and he has done that. We just need to add support back into libtracker-miner

I just want to know if tracker has added code to use gio to monitor file
changes, just like 0.6.9x?

We did, it is something that got removed last year at GUADEC because we couldn't use GIO (due to no MOVE event support). We are going to try and reverse the commit there and clean it up some time this week.

NOTE: Using GIO will require the latest glib of course, so for a while we will have to support libinotify anyway.


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